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Our Story

Why IT? The purpose of any professional firm is to fulfil a need and by doing so help the client achieve their business goals. In the late 90’s there were several professional services organizations that helped companies of all sizes innovate. Lawyers, accountants, management consultants and marketing firms were all engaged with clients and delivering service to help the client manage different aspects of their business. But IT felt more vocational labor than professional services. In the spring of 2000 Allied Technology Group, was setup as a Professional Firm, run by a partner group to deliver technology solutions. Just as other professional service industries that had innovated in their industry to benefit of their clients, Allied was set to lead the next wave of business innovation.  

In the early days, with just two employees, filling the day to day maintenance needs for our clients was a tall order. All of Allied’s resources were occupied with just that. Installing technology and responding to technical problems.  While Allied’s project work continued to deploy more and more advanced technical solutions around Windows servers, Cisco’s routers and switching, Voice over IP and security we struggled to keep up with client demand for services even after adding additional staff. 

As the firm’s revenue was generated most often by reacting to our client’s technical issues two problems emerged. First, utilization was driven higher when our clients had technical issues making capacity planning difficult while misaligning an emphasis on reaction time and not results. Secondly, since our service was only used as needed our staff often spent a significant portion of the service time simply learning what had changed on the client network since our last services engagement. We knew there was a better way to align our interest with the results we provided the client. In 2004 Allied launched our On-Demand Managed Services to provide ongoing proactive maintenance and support for our clients.

Our initial approach to managed services included simple monitoring tools, some client standardization around common tools like antivirus, SPAM Filtering and remote access. We also committed early in the service development to a dedicated support desk that would be available to our clients each day during normal business hours. While this was a modest first step into a new service model we still had a great deal to learn. Over the next decade Allied would implement industry best practices, incorporate best of breed tools and develop internal policy delivering to our clients increased uptime and faster response.

Now, Allied is entering its third generation of IT services as ON-Demand evolves into The Allied Way. Built on a decade of experience running a successful managed service practice, The Allied Way combines the collective knowledge of our firm to design and manage the total IT effort necessary for our clients to do business. Allied’s support hours were expanded in response to the criticality of our services to our clients. Our service have grown beyond the standard MSP to included long term planning, budgeting, and compliance reporting. By addressing all the phases of the IT lifecycle Allied provides our clients support desk, centralized services, professional services, network administration, and virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services so they can fully leverage The Allied Way as a competitive advantage for their business.

Allied’s approach to IT service is always adapting. As regulation and compliance become a central theme to business IT, Allied has made the necessary investments to stay in the forefront of all MSP. Engaging with third party industry experts to achieve MSP/Cloud Verify certification from the MSP Alliance is proof to our clients and their regulators that Allied is an elite MSP and a trustworthy business partner. Allied is regularly recognized by national organizations as a leader in the MSP industry including CRN’s NexGen 250 and MSP Mentors’ MSP501

As our clients look to the next generation of cloud based IT services, Allied will continue to lead with guidance, management and support during this IT transition as well as all future opportunities. In doing so Allied continues to innovate with our clients and to help them execute on their business vision with Technology.