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Allied Security Services News Release

 October 31, 2016
 cyber security

Just wanted to share some news about how Allied handled the recent DDOS attack. As you know, the internet suffered a major attack last week.  In a nutshell, a large distributed denial of service attack was targeted at an Authoritative DNS company called DYN.  When the Authoritative DNS is taken down, specific types of DNS requests can’t be performed and affected sites go down.  However, in anticipation of this kind of attack, Allied’s Content Filtering Service created a technology called Smart Caching which allows our clients to use the last known good DNS.  As a result, Allied clients didn’t experience an outage and our clients performed significantly better during this attack than others without similar protection.


Did you know that by utilizing our service’s global network we have engineered a predictive security solution that anticipates and stops malicious activity before it threatens your network?


Be sure you're taking advantage of this service.  If you’re an Allied On-Demand Business Client it’s included with your support agreement.  Talk to your account manager for more details.