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Are You A Survivor?

 April 18, 2018
 cyber security


technology-in-managing-crises.gif?nc=152By Brad Cicero, Partner – Allied Technology Group

Statistics tell us that 60% of businesses that lose their data due to a cyber-attack are out of business within six months.  Are you one of the 40% that would survive?  Think really hard about deleting everything you own…your financials, your client information, your intellectual property.  How would you recover?

Unfortunately we’re seeing this play out more and more often.  Most executives that I work with simply don’t understand how common the threat has become or the ease for a cybercriminal to compromise their data.  And once their data is held for ransom, how do you get it back and ensure it doesn’t happen again?   The answer is simple.  Have a plan.

First, protect yourself.  Unless you employ a team that focuses exclusively on cyber security then you need to find a partner who can help.  Security is not a part-time endeavor.  Find a reputable organization with dedicated security experts and ask for their credentials.  They must provide a service that’s proactively on the lookout for unusual behavior and include monthly reporting.  Next, when a breach does occur (and at some point it will) have a tested recovery plan.  Who do you call when you’ve discovered a breach?  Are you required to report anything to the authorities and/or your customers?  Who’s in charge of the recovery process?  Lastly, is someone monitoring and testing your backups?  If you haven’t tested your backups recently you should assume they’re not working.  Backups are your last line of defense when data loss occurs.  Remember, non-tested backups = no backup.

Be a survivor.  A few simple steps are the difference between resuming business after a short disruption and not resuming at all.  Your information is critical.  Treat it accordingly.