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Distance is now obsolete. What’s next?? Violence?

 September 30, 2015
 IT Industry

Unfortunately there are too many different causes for violence to expect that technology will eliminate it. But it is remarkable that criminals who have committed tactile theft e.g. armed robbery etc. are turning to less risky and more efficient methods.  This Telegraph article says that 64% of cybercriminals have a background in more “traditional” offenses with 25% of financial cybercrime being committed by organized crime.

Maybe war is on the menu too? The SAC (Strategic Air Command) of the Cold War era was a deterrent that led to a race in arms the use of which would amount to cutting our noses off to spite our mutual, national faces. But does the salient conclusion that global annihilation is bad not send enemy states in search of subtler means of hurting each other? Indeed it has. On September 20th President Obama met with Xi Jinping of China to form some kind of informal hacking treaty in response to the breaches at the Office of Personnel Management. State sponsored cyber-warfare is here.

So will push-in robberies and muggings become a quaint vestige of our no-so-digital or distant past? Probably not. But for now police are getting a few easy collars as criminals discover how not to use technology in the commission of crime. See how thieves get busted for having taken selfies during their heists. Police are even now making arrests after victims post photos of perpetrators [selfies]  to department facebook pages taken while stealing their phones and using the victims credit cards.

The abundance of high speed, full-time network connections and the prolific use of them as a platform for private life has its side effects just as the rail boom produced train robberies. Be careful!