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Cloud Services

Moving to the Cloud?
Still not sure what the “Cloud” really is? 

We’ll help you determine the right solution and give you the support and peace of mind you’re looking for.  Allied offers a comprehensive set of cloud services to meet your needs.  Not all clouds are the same.  Let us help you navigate the skies and make the right decision for your business.

There’s a lot of information, and misinformation, about the Cloud these days.  Allied will help you determine the cloud service that’s right for you.  We offer best-in-class solutions providing our clients with secure, flexible options to fit their needs.

Total Managed Solution (TMS) – A comprehensive cloud solution where the client consume all core networking components and applications as part of a monthly subscription service.  This solution is a good fit for companies that no longer want to own hardware and software and simply desire to purchase these services on a monthly basis.  You’ll always be up-to-date and Allied handles 100% of your IT support needs.

Specialized Applications – Email, SharePoint, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Storage…the options are endless.

Private Cloud – Secure, dedicated equipment specifically designed to your individual needs.  This option is required in some industries where control and security are paramount.

Public Cloud – Flexible, scalable solutions that utilize a shared infrastructure to cost effectively deliver applications via our secure data center.

Hybrid Cloud – Still the predominant solution for most businesses, this option is a mix of both on premise and cloud based applications.  Move the applications that are best suited for the cloud and keep the other applications in your data center.  We’ll handle the setup and support for both.

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