Client Portal

Access to Allied’s Client portal for support ticket creation and status updates.

Remote Support Session

When instructed by Allied support, launch this page to enter a support session key to allow an Allied representative to securely connect to your workstation to resolve your support ticket.

Managed Services

Allied Tech Group's IT Services

Do you really know what’s going on in your IT Department? 

We provide the Consistency, Reliability and Accountability you’ve always desired.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Our process has achieved the coveted MSP/Cloud Verify Certification for Cloud & Managed Services from the MSP Alliance.  Eliminate the hassle of IT management and contact Allied today!

Allied’s Managed Services bring a unique approach to IT that’s been long overdue.  It’s called the Allied Way™ of corporate IT.  This tested method brings Consistency, Reliability, and, most importantly, Accountability to your IT department.  We align your business needs with the correct best practices and service level agreements to ensure your needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Allied provides several Agreement levels each providing a different mix of support on either per user or per device basis.

ON-DEMAND Foundations – An entry level agreement putting in place Allied’s best practices as a baseline service with the flexibility for the client to consume additional services on an as needed basis.

ON-Demand Business – Allied’s core offering combines all the reactive and proactive support to fully implement the Allied Way™ of corporate IT. ON-Demand Business is an all-inclusive agreement provided for a fixed monthly fee enabling an IT network to be a corporate asset, not an endless expense. 

ON-Demand Enterprise – This is a specialized service focusing on the outsourcing of one or more aspects of the total IT ecosystem. Often worked in conjunction with in-house corporate IT resources, Allied provides access to subject matter experts to assist with daily management and service interruption resolution of critical infrastructure.

Take Control, Total Control of your business’ IT network